Saturday, November 16, 2013

Single....and Loving it....

It had rained the previous five days, and it was still mysteriously cloudy when we passed this enchanting fjord on a Kenai Fjords cruise boat, in Alaska. You can see that the clouds are playing hide and seek in between the trees above, and the water captured from them trickling down those trees finally coming together as a waterfall. The only way you can get to see these angelic marvels of nature is if you are on the deck of the boat for most part of your time on the cruise. I was wearing some six layers of clothing, but it was still unbearable at times due to the wind chill and I had to run indoors to catch some heat. In contrast, during the same time of the year, people back home in Houston prefer to stay indoors because of all the heat outside. (PS: Originally, I thought of the title 'Lonely Waterfall' for this picture.....but this waterfall seemed happy and at peace.... hence the change )

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