Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Gold Rush

After returning from some great adventures in New Mexico and Hawaii the prior month, I was feeling the blues of Houston winter. Anything that I see or photograph here may not be as amazing as the surreal things we saw in Hawaii. Could I ever pull myself to shoot a landscape again in the Houston area? Such thoughts were swarming all over my mind, and I was using them as excuses not get up at 4.30 am on a cold Sunday morning in January. But recently I had read this book on procrastination that asked to consider the mindset of product versus process (nerd alert!!!). Product mindset was to expect a good picture as a result of going for the shoot, but process mindset was to just spend the next three hours trying to shoot without bothering about the result. I just got up and started driving towards the beach (nerd alert ends!!).

I walked around shooting in different places and people in the beach, finally trying to shoot this really low angle shot, hoping that the next wave would not drench my camera. The morning turned out to be a good bounce back.

The picture won the best Pictorial Image in projected images category in Houston Camera Club.