Monday, November 25, 2013


After shooting the sunrise shots at Sylvan beach, I saw large number of seagulls land on the beach for sun bathing. They were not there when I arrived earlier at the beach before sunrise, and later I saw them leave as soon as the Sun rises higher up and it becomes warmer. Putting my camera on a tripod, and self timer, I ran towards the birds to make them all fly up together against the Sun, creating silhouettes of birds in flight. Generally, I do not prefer disturbing the wild life or other people for photography, but was technically not wild life and I promised myself not to do this anytime again soon But, the birds were not happy. They started chirping and yapping between themselves in air, and started flying wildly. I have never heard of anyone being attacked by seagulls before, but scenes from the movie 'Birds' began rerunning in my mind. As I wrapped up my gear to head back, one of the birds dropped something on me.

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