Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wooden Islands

"Don't just take the picture and leave. Wait for a moment. In most cases, the magic happens after you shoot the first picture," I had heard a renowned photographer say. After an hour's drive to League City, Texas for a sunrise shoot, I realized that the clouds had blocked the spot of the sunrise. Frustrated after shooting some mundane piers and reflections on water with no Sun, I was planning on leaving. I saw a couple of guys who had come for fishing at dawn and struck up a conversation with them. One of the guys spoke about his boat on a deck. On the coast of the back waters of League City, they have this beautiful little decks for boats at the back of their houses, almost a full minute walk from their backyards, on creaking planks of wood over water. These look like little islands over the beautiful blue waters. He was explaining to me about why this coast was better than Galveston's. Just then, the Sun peeped out of a small clearing of the clouds to listen to our conversation about decks and boats.....

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