Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rails Kiss The Sea

While driving from Anchorage to Seward in Alaska, the highway has a piece of the sea, Gulf of Alaska on your right, the water you see in the picture. In between the highway and the Gulf, a thin strip of land runs parallel, where you can see the Alaskan Railroad rails. In some places, it almost appears as though the rails touch the sea. The train that runs on these rails is supposed to be as pretty as the landscape through which it snakes. On the other side you can see the beautiful hills and fjords of the Kenai peninsula. If you zoom this picture real big, you can even see some glaciers on those blue hills. From Anchorage to Seward, it is supposed to take only a little more than two hours. But, there are hundreds of such view points on the road, where one is tempted to stop. Some guys took eight hours to do the same route, a friend told us.

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