Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rough outside, Calm inside

When I reached Sylvan Beach, La Porte just before sunrise, hurriedly taking out my tripod, getting geared up to shoot the rising Sun's drama unfolding before me, I saw an older Chinese woman already well set behind her huge Nikon SLR on a expensive tripod, with a huge neutral density gradient filter (generally preferred by advanced landscape photographers) on her lens, and shooting with a remote trigger. Casually, I walked past her, stealing a glance at her angle of the sunrise shot. Though I did not like her angle, I thought she must have found something there, or maybe her lens was able to see what I was not able to. I installed my gear near this beautiful pond made by the water streaming in from the choppy bay through the short wall of rocks that you see in the picture. It was interesting that the same water was rough outside, but calm inside the wall. I loved the reflection of the blue sky with bits of orange from the Sun thrown in between. The rise of the Sun was heralded by the braids of golden clouds, warming the heart of the cold blue sky. After I completed a couple of shots, I thought of walking on the pier that you see in the picture in search of some portraits of fishermen who come to fish here at dawn. As I started unwinding my gear, I was surprised to find that the Chinese woman had moved just behind me, with her gear set up. "Did you get any good ones?" I asked her curiously. "I moved here too late. Sun was up when I moved, it was too bright. I should have come here sooner," she said with a poker face.

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