Saturday, May 20, 2017

Reaching Roots

Facebook notifications, Youtube alerts, Whassap notifications, all steal our time. We are in a state of continuous engagement and have no time for stuff that make less noise. Even on vacations, we mostly stick to the most publicized landmarks, get a selfie and get out. But sometimes interesting pictures happen where no one's looking :)

In my small hike around the much publicized Balanced Rock in Garden Of Gods, Colorado, I found these cute small trees. As they grow on the beautiful pink rocks and scarce mud to suck nutrients from, the root stretch out to maximize their opportunity for getting food.

I held the camera very close to the ground with a wide angle lens to make sure it was catching the evening sky with clouds that was lit by the setting Sun. It was difficult to see through the viewfinder and so I had connected my SLR to my cell phone to view live for composing.

This picture won the best Pictorial image in Houston Camera club in May 2017.