Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Last Flight

Maui has a lot of tourist beaches with beautiful sand, and gentle waves generally popular with the tourists. Though I would love to stretch out on one of them, I find them boring for photographing. This is one of the beaches that has the dark, rugged lava rocks jutting out from sand towards the ocean. As I stood towards the almost edge, I hoped that the waves not scoop up my tripod and camera. They were becoming more rough by the minute. I had lost my tripod and had received two bleeding wounds when a wave shoved me on a rock in California's coast. I stood here shooting for a couple of minutes more and then hurried back, avoiding the wet and slippery rocks. After a few minutes, the place I was standing had been overpowered by the waves. The title was inspired by the birds flying out of the island at sunset. Were they flying home to Kaho'olawe, the island that you see far away? Or were they flying out for a last catch of fish?

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