Sunday, October 16, 2016


A ten minute drive from the famous Kaanapali beach with its Sheratons, Westins and Mariotts is the cute little town of Lahaina. It is one of those quaint towns that houses some eclectic tourists spots like a giant banyan tree, and lots of small streets with boutique shops selling super expensive flimsy clothes. The homes in between these shops are rustic with grass tufts on mud & stone fences but am sure are very expensive. Lahaina used to be the capital of Hawaii before Honululu. A 15 minute drive south of Lahaina is a long stretch of a coast with unnamed beaches. People who want to get away from the crowded getaway spots come here to laze around and do nothing. I found this location fascinating because of that trees that were short and warped, appearing as though individual pieces were twisted together to form the trees. One of these was lying down dead, as though trying to reach out to water.

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